White Salmon Community Youth supports local sporting activities.

The Community of White Salmon is fortunate in many ways.  One of these is the prevalence of youth activities sponsored by volunteers. WSCY is a nonprofit ALL VOLUNTEER organization that supports and helps coordinate many recreational youth programs in the White Salmon area.

Recreational programs include The White Salmon Community Youth Soccer, Basketball and Football and the Youth Little League Program.  Soccer is the first team sport kids can play; starting with a Pre K – Kindergarten age group.  Baseball, Foot ball, and Basketball programs start up as the kids move through elementary school.  The recreational sports programs offer continuous opportunities to play local sports until a player opts for a select league or gets to High School where school sponsored competitive teams are available. 

Many parents and High School players volunteer each year, making it possible for Children from the broader White Salmon area to participate in healthy athletic activities through most seasons of the year.  All athletic programs function as a special branches of the White Salmon Community Youth organization. All activity, Gym, and Field use is coordinated with the White Salmon School District.  The individuals who make this possible each year are too numerous to name here. Some programs are sponsoring recognition or Hall of Fame pages at this web site.  Many energetic volunteers who help keep our kids active through the year may be named here.  If you check out a recognition page and see a familiar name thank them in person the next time you see them.  AND if you see a way you can help next year PLEASE offer to pitch in.  An all volunteer program like this is fun, flexible, and filled with unexpected challenges, but in the end it is ALWAYS worth the effort.

Many thanks to all who are involved in creating positive activities for the youth in our community.